How do I reserve a space at the Perelman Quadrangle?
Penn clients may submit a room reservation application or submit a paper application in Houston Hall room 307; they will then be matched with an internal event coordinator. Private clients may contact our Assistant Manager of Events, Alexis Celotto, at 215-573-4768 to inquire about holding an event at the Perelman Quadrangle.
How can I find out if the space that I want to reserve is available on the day and time of my event?
You can confirm the availability of our spaces using the availability search on our website.
Where can I find information about Perelman Quadrangle venues so I can determine which will be best to reserve for my event?
Perelman Quadrangle venues are listed with their floor plans and capacities under the Venues page on our website.
Can I reserve a classroom through the Perelman Quadrangle?
The Perelman Quadrangle can reserve certain classrooms on campus only after the University of Pennsylvania Registrar’s Office has released the classroom schedule for the current semester.
I have already received confirmation from the Perelman Quadrangle Scheduler that my reservation was accepted. Who do I speak to in order to start the planning process?
Once your reservation request has been confirmed, an Event Coordinator from our office will be assigned to your event two weeks prior to the start date. This person will assist you with the planning of your event. Your Event Coordinator will contact you once they have received your reservation application from the Scheduler. If you have not heard from your Event Coordinator and need to speak with someone to start the process, please call our front desk at 215-898-5552.
Who do I speak to if my event is happening today and I need assistance right away?
Our Building Manager is able to assist in any way. Please call the Building Manager on duty at 215-399-6019.
How do I schedule a tour of the space I would like to reserve for my event?
If your reservation application has been accepted and you were assigned an Event Coordinator, they can arrange for a tour. If you have not yet submitted a reservation application, please call our front desk at 215-898-5552 to schedule a tour.
Can I rent furniture/equipment to use in a non-Perelman Quadrangle venue?
We do rent our furniture and equipment for clients to use off-premise. However, your rental must be for an event taking place within the following boundaries: east to west – Schuylkill River to 40th Street and north to south – Chestnut Street to the Medical School. You may submit a rental request form online or in our office in Houston Hall room 307. To inquire about what furniture and equipment we rent out and any associated fees, please call the front desk at 215-898-5552.
Where is the lost and found for the Perelman Quadrangle?
The lost and found is located at information desk in the lobby of Houston Hall, or at 215-898-4636.
My event requires tickets for admission. Can the Perelman Quadrangle print tickets for me?
Yes! To have tickets printed for event admission, you may submit the ticket printing request form online.
How do I pay for my event?
Please refer to our policies page for details on payment policies.
Can I ship items needed for my event to the Perelman Quadrangle ahead of time?
We will store items needed for events, but we ask that you arrange this with your assigned Event Coordinator as we have limited storage space.
Where are the ADA entrances for each building?
We have ADA entrance maps for each of the buildings within the Perelman Quadrangle.
How many people can fit at rented tables?
Our event coordinators are happy to help you select furnishings for your needs. As a general guideline, a café table seats 4 people, a 6′-rectangular table seats 8 people, a 60″-round table seats 8 people, and a 72″-round table seats 10 people.