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Whether you are looking to accommodate a large conference or an intimate meeting, the Perelman Quadrangle is equipped with numerous customizable spaces to meet your needs.

Board Rooms: Fixed conference table seating for up to 16 guests offers an affordable option for an intimate meeting that will make an impact.

Classrooms: As a part of the University of Pennsylvania, the Perelman Quadrangle has access to  classroom facilities throughout campus, perfect for breakout spaces, meetings, or presentations.  Availability is limited throughout the year.

Multipurpose Rooms: Think of our spaces as blank slates customizable for any event.

Outdoor Spaces: Consider outdoor spaces when planning for cocktail hours, team building exercises, meet-and-greets, and more.  Customized tenting is available.

Theaters and Auditoriums: The Perelman Quadrangle is home to the Irvine Auditorium Main Hall, the largest indoor auditorium on Penn’s campus, as well as the intimate and unique Iron Gate Theatre.  These spaces lend themselves to an array of spectacular performances and presentations.

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