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Houston Hall Information Desk

The Information Center, located in Houston Hall, is the first point-of-contact for parents, students, faculty, alumni, staff, and guests when they need resources such as campus maps, schedules of upcoming events, or just a friendly face to answer campus questions. The desk is stocked with University visitor maps, SEPTA schedules, restaurant listings, parking locations, newspapers, and Philadelphia visitor guides/maps.

The University of Pennsylvania is integrated with its community, and the Information Center is at the center the action. The University has a diverse array of student organizations as well as outside organizations that utilize Houston Hall to support their various activities.

Houston Hall 1st Floor
3417 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-898-4636


Additional Information

  • The Information Center is the main Lost and Found for the University. To check on a lost item, please call 215-898-4636.
  • Piano practice rooms are available to sign out at the desk. The practice rooms are located in Irvine Auditorium.
  • The Almanac and Daily Pennsylvanian are distributed at the desk.
  • University visitor maps, SEPTA schedules, restaurant listings, Parking locations, Philadelphia visitor maps and guides are available at the desk.
  • An internal and external mailbox is located directly behind the desk.
  • Computers are available in the lobby around the desk for students, staff and faculty members.
  • Bulletin boards are located on every floor to post flyers.
  • Vending machines are located in the lower level. There are snack machines, beverage vending, and change machines. SEPTA tokens, ATM and Amtrak kiosks are available as well.