Houston Hall

An Exterior shot of Houston Hall from Spruce Street showing the Spruce Street Entrance and Porch landing up a set of stone steps

Built in 1896, Houston Hall is the oldest student union building in the country. Today, this historic building remains the center of campus life – a place where students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests gather for social, recreational, educational and cultural activities. After a multi-million dollar renovation project in 2000, Houston Hall looks much like it did in 1896 but with all the modern conveniences. With fourteen special event spaces, multimedia technology, a food court, and vending and retail space, Houston Hall is a conference center with character.  

Spaces at Houston Hall

Link to the Hall of Flags Venue Page

Hall of Flags

Capacity: 300

Link to the Ben Franklin Room Venue Page

The Ben Franklin Room

Capacity: 100

Link to the Bishop White Room Venue Page

Bishop White Room

Capacity: 22

Link to the Griski Room Venue Page

The Griski Room

Capacity: 42

Link to the Room one eleven venue page

Room 111

Capacity: 12

Link to the Bistro Game room Venue Page

The Bistro Game Room


Link to the Bodek Lounge Venue Page

Bodek Lounge

Capacity: 250

Link to the Golkin Room Venue Page

The Golkin Room

Capacity: 80

Link to the Platt Rehearsal Hall Venue Page

Platt Rehearsal Room

Capacity: 74

Link to the Morris Seitz reading room Page

The Morris Seitz Room

Capacity: 14

Link to the Main Lobby Venue Page

Main Lobby