Policies & Forms

Fire Capacities

Each room has a legal fire capacity that will be enforced. Additional chairs will not be added to any room already at full capacity. The VPUL Manager/Coordinator has the right to reassign rooms if the attendance exceeds the designated room capacity.

Organizations sponsoring large events may be required to purchase wristbands or tickets in order to limit the attendance to any event to room capacity. Anyone admitted into the event must be wearing a wristband, including all performers, organization members, volunteers, and other guests attending the event. When the number of wristbands dispensed is equal to the designated fire capacity of the room, the organization will be asked to stop admitting guests into the event. As individuals leave the event, they should be asked to turn the wristband over to the event sponsor. Used wristbands may then be exchanged for new wristbands. Organizations are responsible for posting monitors at each entrance/exit door to ensure that this procedure is followed.

If an organization fails to follow the wristband procedures, willfully violates the fire capacity of any space, or fails to cooperate with a Perelman Quadrangle and VPUL Performing Arts Facilities staff member in his/her efforts to return the capacity to an acceptable level, the event may be closed down. If necessary, the University of Pennsylvania Police Department will be called in to assist. The organization will receive a written warning, will be fined from $50 to $60, and the event sponsors will be required to attend a fire safety seminar before scheduling another event in the buildings.

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