Policies & Forms

External Catering Policy

  • Perelman Quadrangle provides a minimum of 12 tables (which includes prep tables with no linen and serving tables with linen) for Perelman Quadrangle approved events.  Outside caterers are not permitted to provide rented furniture.
  • There are no kitchen facilities for use by outside groups in the Perelman Quadrangle.
  • Propane stoves and/or open flames – including candles and stovetop cooking flames – are not allowed in any university building.  The use of candles completely enclosed in holders must be approved in advance.  Sternos are permitted.  Any cooking equipment that might cause smoke will not be permitted.
  • All outside caterers must provide a fire extinguisher, at their expense, that is easily accessible during their event.
  • Any additional electrical equipment requirements (such as for electric stoves and warmers) must be prearranged with the Perelman Quadrangle Event Coordinator.
  • The caterer must bring in all equipment and supplies the day of the event and they must be removed at the conclusion of the event.  Advance deliveries will NOT be accepted.
  • Water/liquid/ice must be obtained from and disposed of in locations identified by the Building Manager on duty.  Coffee grounds should be disposed of in trash cans, not sink drains.
  • Excess ice must be removed immediately from the event, and disposed of at the direction of the Building Manager on duty.  Ice should be in tubs and should not be placed directly on any floor surface.
  • Caterers are expected to clean all spills made by their staff or equipment.
  • Caterers must clear all tables and bag all trash after the event.  Trash cannot be placed in facility trash cans for removel by Perelman Quadrangle housekeeping.  Caterers are expected to either remove the trash from the campus in their vehicle or place trash in the designated outdoor trash dumpster/compactor as directed by the Building Manager on duty.  Perelman Quadrangle will not supply carts for transport.  A $100 fine will be charged to the credit card on file if the caterer fails to comply with this policy.
  • If the facility used is not cleaned up to the Perelman Quadrangle management staff’s satisfaction, a $100 fine will be charged to the client.
  • Equipment and prep tables cannot be placed in stairwells and cannot block any means of egress (hallways, doors, restrooms, etc.).  These items must be kept out of public view.
  • Prep area (based on availability) used as staging areas (and screens/drapes for caterers) must be requested and approved in advance.
  • Use of the loading dock must be pre-arranged with the Perelman Quadrangle event coordinator.
  • Catering trucks will be given a maximum of 1 hour to unload and 1 hour to pack up.  Between unload and pack up, the vehicles must be relocated to another parking area.  Loading arrangements must be made in advance with the Perelman Quadrangle Event Coordinator.
  • The Perelman Quadrangle/University of Pennsylvania will not be responsible for any equipment lost or stolen.
  • Liquor must be delivered to the caterer and brought to Perelman Quadrangle facilities by the caterer on the day of the event.  Excess liquor must be removed immediately after each event as is the case with other catering equipment.
  • Alcohol may only be served by a trained bartender, who is obligated to request I.D. from any persons who he/she does not believe to be 21 years old.
  • Please allow extra time to make sure the proper arrangements and permissions are obtained if alcohol will be present at your event.  In order to obtain permission to serve alcohol on premise, the caterer must reach out to the Director of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives.  The website for the permission form can be found at: http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/alcohol/pq/pq_form.php.
  • Catering tents:
    • Tents used for cooking and heating of food must be used exclusively for that purpose.
    • Cooking tents must be twenty feet from other tents and any building.
    • All outside cooking must have plywood under the cooking apparatus to protect the surface.
    • A minimum of two fire extinguishers must be prominently mounted and available for immediate use in each cooking tent.  One extinguisher must be behind the serving area.
    • Ovens and ranges fueled by electricity or compressed gas are permitted for cooking under the tent.
    • Compressed Gas: cylinders must be secured at least 10 feet from all tents and buildings.  Protective caps must be in place on any cylinder not in use.  All applicable sections of the Philadelphia Fire Code, Chapter 30 “compressed gasses” must be followed.
    • Electricity: Generator must be 10 feet from all buildings. (NOTE: keep related fuel at a safe distance from generator and heat).

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