Policies & Forms

Decoration Guidelines

Posting Materials (flyers, posters, etc.)

Notices (flyers, posters, etc.) may not be posted on walls, doors, or woodwork.  Materials posted on building surfaces will be removed and thrown out.  Easels may be obtained from the Perelman Quadrangle and VPUL Performing Arts Facilities for posting notices pertaining to events taking place on the premises.


Organizations may be permitted to hang decorations in the room reserved for their function provided that they obtain the approval of the Perelman Quadrangle and VPUL Performing Arts Facilities event coordinator assigned to their event.  Only wall putty or masking tape is to be used to hang decorations.  Tacks, nails, or scotch tape may not be used on building surfaces.  Helium balloons must be secured and weighted.  Banners are to be hung by Perelman Quadrangle staff only and prior arrangements must be made with an event coordinator.  Decorations are not permitted in the public areas of the building.

Any organization that hangs decorations without permission or fails to remove decorations at the conclusion of their event will receive a written warning and will be charged for the housekeeping time necessary to remove the decorations.

Perelman Quadrangle makes every effort to keep the buildings in good condition.  Any organization that damages the facilities, its furnishings and/or equipment will be held financially responsible and may lose reservation privileges.

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